Project Topics for Computer Science Students

One amazing thing about final year projects is that it can boost or mar your overall CGPA. So it’s best to endeavor to make your project earn you nothing less than a B. This thread is dedicated to providing tips to assist undergraduates offering the course of computer science in any of our higher institutions of learning.Getting a Project Topic:Obviously, this is the first thing that one should think of. But the problem is how to go about it. Many students will search the web, libraries or other sources looking for topics that they could use. Sadly, after a topic might have been found, many students fail to fully understand the purpose for which the project was intended for. They only get to discover this during their project defense when the examining Project Co-coordinator points out this fact to them, but by then, its too late for excuses. The Marks are awarded… and its never an Alpha.The thing about choosing a project title is that you should know what the title’s all about! Only then can you begin to carry out research on it in the right dirction! Choose a title that is clear to you, that you understand. If its too Abstract for you, forgo it and look for one you can explain in your sleep to your curious younger brother when woken up at 1:00 am at night.Choosing the best topic for your Project Defense: Okay, so you’ve picked a topic. You understand its aims and objectives intuitively. Is there any thing else that you need to know that can help you decide if the topic you have chosen is the best one for you?Here’s a tip.Choose a topic that will solve something in your immediate environment. That way you will get more marks as you are targeting real-life issues in your society and you it will be viewed that you are using the knowledge gained from your soon-to-concluded-education to contribute to the developmental uplifting of your immediate environment.Try not to choose a topic like:”An Adaptive Programming Model for Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing”It may sound good and all but does it solve the immediate problems experience in a developing third world country like ours? Most of the topics that we gather online come from sources which belong to the developed world. The developed Nations have overcome the issues of constant electricity, cheap and affordable internet services and a conducive environment for living. So the type of project that their students will be solving will be research topics to discover new ways and algorithms for solving already existing solved problems like the one in the topic I gave above: Already there are many Adaptive Programming Models in existence but this project seeks to create one that will over come the problems associated with the already existing models. This project will be of use to the environment of the Developed World, since almost every aspect of their society is based on the computer, hence it makes sense to create models that will make them more fault tolerant so that they can function more efficiently. In many developing Nations like ours, where not even 2% of our society is based on the workings of the computer, of what real use will such a topic have for us? Why seek to improve a model that is not even in operation in our immediate environment? We have to think of this when choosing topics for our Final Year Projects.Now consider this topic:’Online NAFDAC Registration and Verification Solution”Ever bought a drug and discovered that it did not work for you? Yet if you checked for the NAFDAC registration number you would see one. How can you be sure that the number wasn’t just printed on the drug’s container and is a fake one? Is there any way you can be sure that the NAFDAC registration number you see is real? How can you verify that claim? Is there an easily accessible medium by which ordinary members of the public like you and I can check to see if a drug has been registered without going through tedious bureaucratic procedures? If the drug cannot be verified is there a way we can report the fake drug to NAFDAC?Looking at the above, we can clearly see that we have a problem predominant in our society that has yet to be solved. Why go perfecting algorithms and models when your people are in danger of consuming fake drugs-an issue that you can tackle with your acquired knowledge of computer science?Now if you were a Nigerian Computer Science Professor and two students came up with their project titles, one the Model Improvement Title and the other, the NAFDAC Verification Title, which of the two titles would you believe if implemented would aid the Nigerian society more? Your guess is as good as mine!

Computer Science Conference Can Create A Great Impact On Your Career

If you are a student in computer science, and are involved in a research activity, publishing your journal on a regular basis is one of the most important things that you have to do. The role of Computer Science conference and the publications from it is immensely significant. It goes without saying that conferences have the advantage of providing fast publication which are also reliable. You can expect to get your papers published on a regular basis due to which several researches will come together.In fact, the importance of the role played by conferences in the computer science has been recognized since a long time. This is the reason why there are several organizations that are conducting conferences to help researchers and professionals publish papers.The Effect Of Conference ProceedingsThe effect of conference proceedings on communication in this field can never be ignored. Traditionally, they have been used as a quick form of research communication. Consequently, other scientists could derive important and valuable information. This is a form of scholarly communication and is highly suitable for a mature and established field like computer science.Most Popular Topics:Some of the most common topics in this field are contained in the conference proceedings. As a result, others get some more ideas and information about such topics. In addition to that, rare topics also become the subject of discussion in these conferences. Moreover, for each topic, the numbers of papers are immense and they comprise of summary, abstract and the whole paper of course.A Platform For Discussion:National and international conferences turn out to be one of the best platforms for discussion. People from various levels attend these conferences and present their papers. As a result, ideas and information are exchanged due to which it also helps in enhancing the knowledge. In fact, lots of nascent ideas in this field are also discussed.Getting To Know People:As a researcher, it is important to know other people in your field along with their ideas. Thus, conference proves to be the best option in this field because you get the opportunity to know lots of people along with their thoughts and views. This can help you to a great extent. You never know, you might also think of publishing your next paper on a view shared by a peer. It is particularly due to this reason that you will find several people that are participating in the conferences.Held Across The World:As mentioned, Computer Science conference takes place all over the world and are conducted by different organizations. Thus, you should check out a list of the upcoming conferences in your area so that you are able to present papers on it. Even if, you are unable to present any paper for the upcoming conference, you can always attend it as an audience to listen to others.Thus, the significant effect created by conferences is something that you will not find through journals or articles. You will surely miss out something if you do not attend them or present your papers.